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The Onyx Way

Hospital Staff

Our mission is clear to offer the best clinical education experience. With an extensive network of clinical sites and experienced preceptors, we aim for memorable and valuable rotations. Our team is committed to unparalleled quality and support, prioritizing your needs from day one.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Easy Onboarding 

We offer a broad array of opportunities across various specialties, empowering aspiring medical professionals with essential hands-on experience for career advancement. Our user-friendly website simplifies exploration and quick sign-up. With Onyx Medical Partners, you'll discover the ideal clinical rotation. Contact us today to discuss available options and pricing.

X-Ray Results

Exceptional clinical rotations are vital for your medical education. We excel by providing top-tier preceptors. Upon sign-up, we match you with a suitable preceptor, aligning with your goals. We follow a step-by-step process and maintain regular communication to ensure you receive unparalleled guidance and experience from the best professionals.

Consistent and Constant Support

Elevate your education through our Clinical Rotations program. Our emphasis on tailored hands-on training equips students with essential real-world experience for success. Our unwavering commitment is to support you at every step of your journey, from clinical placement to the moment you graduate.

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