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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Onyx Medical Partners?

Our founders and partners are highly experienced in healthcare management, operations, technology, and education. We partner with medical practices and physicians to provide them with innovative technology to provide amazing Clinical Clerkship experiences. 

Are you just virtual?

No, we provide programs that can be done on-site or virtually, depending on your preference. You can select the specialty and experience you want.  We cater to your learning needs.

How do Virtual Medical Clerkships work?

If you have decided to do a virtual clinical rotation, each of our partnered medical practices and physicians have been set up with secure, high quality streaming platforms and cameras that allow students the ability to join in live with the physician during patient visits. You will interact not only with other students face-to-face (virtually), but also the attending and patients! You will see their labs, radiological images, and more. We have closely emulated a live clinical experience all from the comfort of your home!

What elective clerkships are available?

Current available clerkships include:

1) Preventative/Wellness Medicine

2) Internal Medicine Elective

3) TeleRadiology

4) Nephrology

5) Cardiology

6) Psychiatry

7) Neurology

Check out the Clinical Clerkships page for more info.

*More electives available very soon, be sure to ask!

Are the virtual clerkships live or pre-recorded?

LIVE! With our online platform and HD cameras, all our clerkships are live with real patients. You will be seeing patients, taking interviews, designing treatment plans and diagnosis just like in person!

How is this conducted virtually?

We use secure and HIPAA compliant online platforms to connect each student with our clerkships, physicians, and patients. We connect HD cameras so you are able to witness and be a part of the clinical journey. You will also see all your fellow students and be able to interact with them too!

Are these Telehealth patients?

No. These patients come to the clinic to see the physician. You will virtually be in the room and be with the physician/team throughout the day.

How long is each clerkship?

Our clerkships follow the standard 4 week clinical elective rotation timeline. However, you are also able to customize how many weeks you need. 

What is the weekly schedule?

Schedules vary depending on the clerkship. Our clerkships are a fantastic balance of clinical exposure and lectures. Students are given ample time to study for their board exams!

Would I be able to earn an (LOR) Letter of Recommendation?

Students that follow the requirements, work hard, and do well overall throughout the clerkship would be highly considered for a Letter of Recommendation from our well known, highly experienced, US physicians.

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