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Live interactive rotation with attending and their patients.

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Clear high definition video and audio with group chat feature.

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Virtual Live
Clinical Rotations

Internal Medicine Elective

Sharpen your skills with a 4 week Internal Medicine Elective at a high volume practice led by a University of Illinois trained physician and associate professor! With this virtual clerkship, you will see patients and procedures LIVE from the comfort of your own home. Patients will be seen live in the clinic and you will be able to participate virtually just as if you were there at the bedside! Get a better view of procedures such as skin biopsies, suturing, knee injections and more live in HD quality streamed to you by the physician. This rotation is truly unique and will strengthen not only your knowledge about Internal Medicine but also strengthen your application for residency!

Preventative/Wellness Medicine Elective

If you are interested in primary care or have a desire to learn more about Wellness, this rotation will take a deep dive into Preventative care. Learn how to not only treat obesity but also eliminate obesity and its associated chronic disease. Experience and learn modern treatment and prevention methods, vitamin infusions, hormone replacements, and aesthetics such as Botox and Fillers. 

Nephrology Elective

With a constantly growing population of patients suffering from kidney related disease, nephrology has become increasingly more popular over the years. From dialysis treatments, to chronic kidney disease management, this rotation dives into the inpatient/hospital setting with the care and treatment of critically ill patients. You will virtually round with the attending and access live lab results to assist in the treatment plan for your patients!

See the patient's chart, blood work, EKGs, radiography, and more live!

Live Clinical Visits. Live Patients. Live Teaching. Live Learning.  


IM Elective
Preventative Medicine

Virtual Live TeleRadiology

Learn radiology from a high volume Teleradiology practice that sees a vast variety of cases including Xrays, CTs, Ultrasound, and MRI images. This rotation is beneficial for future residents in any specialty to get a basic and in-depth analysis on how to interpret images for each modality. You will be ahead of your colleagues after this rotation with having the ability to view radiological images and understanding how to identify pathologies. 

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High quality sound with interactive chat for students to ask and answer questions along with having discussions. 

High quality images right on your computer from the comfort and safety of your own home. Our Virtual TeleRadiology rotation will leave you with the knowledge to know just as much as most first year residents!

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